Opening shot of hallway, with woman entering through the front door and starts using cell phone.


Voiceover: This is your home. Your sanctuary. Your sonic domain.

Text overlay: The future of HiFi is here.

Bluesound logo appears on screen

Voiceover: Rule your sonic domain with the premium multi-room sound system, Bluesound.

Close up of phone controlling BluOS application

Voiceover: Control Bluesound speakers and components from any phone, tablet or computer... and now voice!

Text overlay: Whole home audio, from the palm of your hand. Distortion free. Zero lag. All in high resolution.

Voiceover: And stream all the music ever recorded, in high resolution to any room in your home.

Woman walks upstairs and into bedroom, taking off jacket.

Text overlay: Fill any room with music

Voiceover: Play different music in different rooms, or, group Bluesound players together to stream household favourites in perfect sync, and in studio master quality.

Text overlay: Group rooms together, and stay in perfect sync.

Woman walks into bathroom and looks at mirror.

Voiceover: There's a Bluesound player perfect for every room.The PULSE MINI fits anywhere, and plays rich, detailed sound in every corner of the room.

Text overlay: The PULSE MINI: Fits in any room, and offers rich, detailed sound.

Woman walks out of bedroom and greets man using computer in an office setting.

Shot zooms in on amplifier and speakers on credenza.

Voiceover: The POWERNODE is the amp reinvented. Connect a pair of bookshelf or tower speakers and stream your music louder than ever before, in studio master quality.

Text overlay: The POWERNODE: The amp reinvented. Permission to turn it up, granted.

Woman leaves office and walks down stairs, into the living room where a boy is playing video games. The woman greets the boy, who is clearly distracted.

Voiceover: Connect the PULSE SOUNDBAR to your tv, and experience music, movies, sports and video games in full resolution with all the feels.

Text overlay: PULSE SOUNDBAR: This is the sound your TV deserves.

Camera zooms in on a Bluesound subwoofer

Voiceover: Add a SUB, and a pair of PULSE FLEXES to create the ultimate wireless Dolby Surround system.

Text overlay: The wireless sub: Engineered to be felt, not seen.

Camera zooms in on a Bluesound PULSE FLEX, mounted behind the couch on a stand.

Text overlay: Size-defying sound. Dolby digital surround.

Voiceover: Turn your home entertainment into a fully immersive high-res experience.

Woman in kitchen grabs a pitcher of lemonade and pours a drink.

Text overlay: Fill every room with studio quality sound.

Camera zooms out to show the woman speaking a command into an Amazon Alexa speaker.

Text overlay: Control your music with voice. Through Amazon’s Alexa, or with Apple’s Siri via AirPlay 2.

Camera zooms in on Bluesound PULSE all-in-one speaker.

Voiceover: Fill any room with the pure audio sound of the PULSE. Its redesigned speaker array with two woofers, tweeters and an enhanced amplifier extends sound far beyond the limits of other all-in-one stereo speakers.

Text overlay: The PULSE: The ultimate all-in-one wireless speaker.

Woman goes out glass sliding door to backyard, where a girl is sitting on a chair listening to a PULSE FLEX while using her phone.

Voiceover: Take the show on the road and the PULSE FLEX with you.

Text overlay: The PULSE FLEX: True Hi-Fi portability. Take your music with you.

Camera zooms in on PULSE FLEX

Voiceover: The first full-range wireless speaker to deliver exceptional performance and true wireless portability.

The Woman comes back inside, sits down and picks up an Apple iPad, where she starts browsing music in the BluOS application. A set of speakers and a Bluesound VAULT sit next to her.

Voiceover: The VAULT is your personal music library. Rip and store CDs in bit-perfect formats. Access your hi-res files from an ultra quiet, high capacity networked hard drive.

Text overlay: The VAULT: Your personal music library. In studio master quality.

Shot changes to a close up of the woman controlling the VAULT’s volume in the BluOS application on the iPad.

Shot changes to a close up of the Bluesound NODE.

Voiceover: Connect the NODE to your existing stereo system. With a full array of analog and digital input and output options, the NODE connects you to all the music ever recorded.

Text overlay: The NODE: Meet the infinite playlist. Connect any stereo to all the music ever recorded.

The woman puts the ipad down once she has selected her music, picks up a magazine and starts reading it.

Voiceover: Rediscover the emotional power of high fidelity. Bluesound is the sound of living hifi.

Text overlay: Bluesound is the sound of living HiFi. #LivingHiFi

Bluesound animated logo appears on screen.

The end.